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Retropop - Emmen (NL) 9-6-2018

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Patronaat - Haarlem (NL) 31-10-2018

This year new in my collection
Nigel Olsson  John Lawton  Easy livin' Gypsy      Bernie Shaw
The one - Elton John Mama Loo - Les Humphries Singers Gloria Vilperum - Vilperin Perikunta F*** the voodooman - Raging Speedhorn The boys are back - Various Artists     
 John Lawton Russell Gilbrook Come away melinda On the rebound Uriah Heep
We're going down jordan - Les Humphries Singers Live and studio recordings - Chris Barber's Jazz & Blues Band The decca years - UFO Barnet dogs/Into the fire - Russ Ballard Access all areas - live in moscow - Uriah Heep
Uriah Heep       Bob Daisley         Lee Kerslake Trevor Bolder Mark Clarke Lady in black
Spellbinder (2LP) - Uriah Heep Live in sydney 2004 - Living Loud Play don't worry - Mick Ronson Heroes - JCM Rave-trip to remixland Vol. 3 - V.A.
Easy livin'    Russell Gilbrooke Bob Daisley Bob Daisley  
Workin man's soul 2 - V.A. Based on a true story - Alan Price Mothers army - Mothers Army Sean tyla's just popped out  - Sean Tyla  


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